eStoreR helps you sell your records & music related items
through the major internet marketplaces

Start or improve your business by selling on the top valued sites on the web:

Don't understand how to manage an inventory?
Are you tired of spreadsheets?
eStoreR is easy to use:

  1. Catalog your items and build your inventory.
  2. Generate uploadable files with one click, everytime you want.
  3. Load the files on the marketplaces you joined and wait for your orders!

With eStoreR you have a professional dedicated website, accessible everytime, everywhere.
No computer knowledge required, eStoreR builds the inventory bulk-uploadable files for you.
Each inventory file is already formatted as required by any marketplace, zipped and ready to be uploaded.
You have just to manage your inventory with a friendly user-interface and... ship your ordered items!

Some inventory manager features:

  • Set different prices for different marketplaces
  • Quickly change prices in one marketplace
  • Manage backorder items, suppliers, costs
  • Cloning items
  • Set items stocking location
  • More...

Some extra features:

  • Register orders and sold items
  • Register your customers
  • More...

Upcoming release

Soon, eStoreR will become your personal e-Commerce website too!

Sell directly to your customers with your e-Commerce.

E-Mail us for more details!